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Blessings, all. Well, I should have my book SOON *sigh*! In the meantime I have two topics to bring to the table:

1) We currently have an intimate number of folks in our group, who are all already acquainted with each other, I believe. Would we prefer such intimacy, or shall we advertise for more members? If we stay a small group, do we want to take volunteers to be a "discussion starter" for each chapter, to encourage discussion?

2) I've got an idea for a format; tell me what you think. From the table of contents (thank you amazon) it would appear that there are about 30 pages on each mystic. What if we set a chunk of time per chapter, and post whatever strikes us as we read? This will make room for various schedules and reading styles... if you read it all at once, you can post whole impressions of the woman. If you have a practice of reading a little each night, you can post what you take away or what sticks with you. I would find a period of two weeks quite lovely to absorb each chapter... is this too long for you? Just right?

Ok, I just thought of a third. How is next week, September 17th, for a start date? We could use the last two weeks of September to discuss the introduction and the first chapter - on St. Claire - should we choose.
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On September 12th, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC), blistermoth commented:
I have no preferences about the size of the small group. It would be good to have someone as a "discussion starter"

Your format idea? Yes

September 17th would work
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On October 2nd, 2006 12:42 pm (UTC), wlotus commented:
I plan to run to the bookstore during lunch today and see if they have that book. I'd forgotten to order it!

I'm looking forward to reading about women mystics. In all of the intense, all-consuming, religious upbringing, women were an afterthought. This book and discussion will be a refreshing change.
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